Mandala consists of eighteen different Tribes, food areas, music hosts, all built by the Creators: performers, healers and theatre makers. The festival goes on for three days and nights. Everyone is equal: crew, creator and visitor. There is no backstage, everyone sleeps at the Mandala venue, where festival and camping are one.

Creators and artists sleep in and around their Tribes. But visitors are welcome to pitch their tents here too! Sleep wherever you want. The only exception: kids under sixteen and their supervisors sleep at the Family Tribe.


Music, Art, Performance, Wellness, Sport, Games, Workshops, Theatre, Sculptures, Light-art, Concept Bars, Food-trucks.

Mandala dictionary

Tribe, the, area at Mandala, built by Creators. Music or another category.

Creator, the, creative person that is part of Mandala with his or her own project.

Artist, the, DJ or Live performer.

Music host, the, collective consisting of different artists. Hosts of a music area.

Traveler, the, visitor of Mandala that stays for one or more days.