Wild CampingWild Camping

Are you over sixteen years old? Then you’re allowed to camp wherever you want on the Mandala grounds. One exception though: our Family Camping. This one’s just for kids, parents and supervisors with a Family Pass.


The Tribes: areas on the festival grounds, each with a unique character and theme, with the Creators as inhabitants. Your hosts of the Tribe. Feel free to join and pitch your tent near your favorite Tribe. Most of the Tribes open in the morning, some open a little later. Please take notice: Tribes with music aren’t that good for sleeping.


So The Wild Camping is practically your complete festival, divided into eighteen different Tribes. You’re free to pitch your tent wherever you want. On three different spots on the grounds, you find big food areas with an international product range consisting of fresh quality food. Healthy stuff too! And naturally, we’ve got enough options for those with allergies.


Surrounding the Tribes there are bars. Normal bars, with lots of choice. Also there are smaller bars, you’ll find these at the hidden areas with less to choose. For those in need: coffee bars! We need our coffee. Want to try something else? Great! We’ve got special beers, smoothies, cocktails. You name it. Please find the menu HERE.


Besides our range of caterers, we’ve got our own supermarket. You’ll find this near the Family Camping. Bread, snacks, fruits, veggies, drinks… all for friendly prices and meant for consumption by your tent or accommodation. Also we’ve got water points for free drinking water.