Three days of total freedom with music, theater, art, sports and workshops. Mandala is more than a festival:it’s an adventure and you can be part of it.

Yes! Mandala is for all ages. Younger than 16? No problem! If you are accompanied by an adult, you are welcome!

Our doors open Friday, June 9th at 13:00. On Monday, June 12th our doors close at 12:00 pm.

Yes! Violence and intimidating behavior are not tolerated. This also counts for discrimination, seksual intimidation and wearing provocative clothing (like football shirts).  Mandala works very hard on all the decoration, so you can have the best time at our festival. Stealing or destroying properties of Mandala or our partners is not allowed. Also climbing the fencer or the installations or infrastructure is not allowed.  

trading in any goods is not allowed without permission of the organisation.

Flyering or pasting posters of other events is not allowed without the permission of the organisation.

It’s not allowed to bring drugs or a gun to the festival. Before entering the festival every person will be searched. If you deny this, we are allowed to forbid you to enter our festival. Mandala has Zero Tolerance with drugs. Make sure to keep this in mind.

Smoking is allowed, but think about the environment. Don’t throw your cigarettes on the ground, but deaf them out and throw them in our bins or (portable) ashtray.

By bike, carpooling, walking, or with your car. We also have busses that have different boarding places in the Netherlands.

For everybody’s safety glasses, spraycans, firework and umbrella’s are not forbidden.

Dogs are allowed at Mandala. But they have to be on leash and are not allowed at the stages or around the water.

It’s not allowed to bring you our booze/drinks or food to Mandala.

You can buy your tickets at our website, just click here.

Better luck next time! No, it happens to all of us. Have you take a look in your spambox? If they are not there, you have to get in touch with our ticket partners Eventix or Eventim.

Don’t be lazy and just walk a few meters to throw your waste in the trashcan. It’s not good for the environment if you throw it on the grounds and we think that is a bad case if you still do it.

You can show your ticket on your phone, just as easy and also good for the environment.

You can send us an app at our number +31621327249
We will answer all your messages during working hours.

We are so happy with new volunteers! Take a look at our website for all the possibilities.

You can apply for a press accreditation by e-mail:

How does it work?

Mandala is cashless. After buying a ticket, your details will be attached to your wristband. This allows you to pay at the bars/food stands. It is also possible to add Tokens to your wristband beforehand. At the festival, hold your wristband in front of the scanner to pay for your drinks and food.


Thanks to the cashless system we see which bars are busy and where the drinks are going fast. This prevents lines at the bars. Thanks to the cashless system you can add Tokens to your wristband via the app.


This is very useful! Still got some Tokens left on your wristband? Thanks to the cashless system it’s possible to do a refund, the two weeks after the festival. In this way you can get your money back!


By connecting your Paypal account you can top up your wristband at the bar. Also: no need to apply for a refund, ‘cause it will be done for you!