Soon we will start the subscriptions for tribes and stage hostings!Soon we will start the subscriptions for tribes and stage hostings!

We are looking for self-supporting Tribe heads with a total concept: from music to decor! Do you want to be responsible for all projects within your Tribe? Then we are looking for you!

As Tribe Head, you are the point of contact for all Creators within your Tribe. You are looking for Creators who fit within the concept and, together with these parties, create a unique Tribe on Mandala 2018. Unique, because there are many possibilities. For example, thinking about a stage hosting? Then it’s up to you to make the mix! Music, decor: whatever fits!

We do not have huge budgets, creativity and authenticity are key! Mandala is a price-friendly festival. Try to make the concept financially feasible and attractive.

And further:

  • Just want to do a stage hosting or other project? All good! We’ll try to link you to an existing Tribe.
  • We’re also looking for a stage host for our Club La Noche! Nocturnal animals: bring it. We are looking for a Master Builder for our temple on the water! We have a 8×8 meter pontoon. Thereupon a temple of 8 – 10 meters rises.
  • Finally, do you have plans for Mandala 2018? Get started with your draft so that you can submit it immediately when the Tribes and Stage Hostings subscriptions start.

Now, finally, immediately after we announce the Tribes, we open the registrations for Creators. As a Creator, you can submit your draft, so you can tell yourself if you see a match with an existing Tribe, but you can also leave it to us. Up to you! Think carefully about what your concept is like. Is it music? Art? Constructing? Games, light art, sports, wellness or something else? Anything goes!

PS Previously built on Mandala? Please re-enter!