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Mandala consists of different Tribes, each with a unique character and theme. The Tribes are built by the Creators, each with their own talents and concept. Music, decor, art, workshops, theatre or something else. Before and during the festival, the Creators live in their own Tribe. Together they build a small village, so to speak.

In total there are over eighteen Tribes and food areas at Mandala, built by over a hundred Creators. Want to build with us?

Registrations for Mandala 2018 have closed, but the registrations for Mandala 2019 will open shortly after the festival season ends!

How it works

You can register with the form below. Try to explain your project in detail, add a sketch or mood board and think about the category of your project. Mandala does its utmost to cover the expenses.

Mandala is a breeding ground for creative talent and a great platform to showcase your project. Or maybe, it’s the place to try something new for a change! Mandala isn’t a commercial festival, so please try to keep the costs low, so visitors can get tickets for reasonable prices.

After submitting your plan, we aim to respond within two weeks. We’ll let you know if we see a match between project and festival. Also you’ll receive an e-mail with an online account. Using this account, we can communicate about the project together.