Mandala is open day and night, there is so much to do that you
don’t even have to sleep. However, this does not apply to the
entrance, it is open at the following times:

Friday – 13.00 hrs until 01.00 hrs

Saturday – 11.00 hrs until 01.00 hrs

Sunday – 11.00 hrs until 01.00 hrs

Cycling, on foot, trains! There are shuttle buses between station
Boxmeer and the festival. Are you coming by car? Carpool = cool!
Parking tickets are available online and at the door.

You can navigate to:

Wild Entrance adres: Zoetendaal 10, Wanroij

Family Entrance adres: Fortunaweg 3, Wanroij

Buy your Mandala ticket exclusively through this website or the CM website – our ticket partner. Under the heading tickets you will find all tickets! By clicking on the ticket you have chosen, you will arrive at CM’s ticket shop. Easy as that!

All tickets for Mandala include overnight stay. On Mandala camping and festival are one, so a tent can be placed almost everywhere. Would you prefer an accommodation? We have various accommodations for rent. Are you coming with children? Reserve a place at the Family Camping!


Find you ticket again via: https://resend.cmtickets.com

Yes, that is allowed! Keep in mind the opening times of our entrance. Between 23:00 and 10:00 the entrance is closed and you can no longer enter the grounds. Furthermore, you only need to purchase a parking ticket once!

Yep! At our toilet buildings you will find water points for free drinking water.

We do our best! We separate the waste, have a deposit system on our drinking cups and work with a sustainable power plan. The crew is eating food waste, just as good. Our caterers are working more and more with organic meat. And of course we are not there yet, but we try to take steps every year towards a Clean & Green festival!

Mandala is, as it were, a blueprint of the infinity of existence. Our festival is shaped from this ancient wisdom. So: not only we take each other into account, we also look after our environment.

Because we love our beautiful festival site! Together we enjoy the beautiful nature, the woods, the lake and the lovely beaches. That’s why Mandala is a trash free festival!

What does that mean? Together with you, we ensure that the entire festival is trash free. To achieve this, we are faced with a circular economy. So: sustainable production, sustainable use of materials and recycling instead of mountain residual waste.

More than welcome of course! We try to make the terrain as accessible as possible. However, the site has a beach and forests, so we can not guarantee that every corner of the site is equally accessible.


The Kids Hostel is for kids from four years our older! Children can stay overnight at the Kids Hostel, including tent, program and breakfast! Can the parents continue. Look for additional information at Family Accommodations!

You need a parking ticket to park. You can find these under the heading ‘tickets’. Are you leaving the premises in the meantime? No worries, your parking card remains valid. If you come with the caravan or camper, you also need to park your car in the parking lot for safety reasons! For this you also need a Parking Ticket.


At the first aid it is possible to pump!


We have several photographers and filmmakers at Mandala for film and photo registration. By entering the festival you automatically give permission for registration and use of media by Mandala, media parties and partners.

To take medication with you, you need a doctor’s certificate or an medication pasport you can get your medicine passport at your pharmacy!

You can find the first aid next to the main building at our Festival.


Mandala is built by numerous Creators who together form various Tribes. Do you want to participate? Every year we open the registrations. You can register via the registration form.

On Mandala a tent can be placed almost everywhere and you can take it yourself! Do you prefer not to drag with your tent? We have different accommodations for rent. Just as easy! You can find them under the heading tickets.

Do you want to come with a caravan or camper? You can reserve a nice spot with a Camper / Caravan Spot Ticket. For families, reserve a Camper / Caravan Spot in the Family Accommodations ticket section. No kids? Look at the Wild Accommodations!

Note: your car can’t stay on site during the festival because of safety reasons. You also need a Parking Ticket!

Dogs or other pets are not allowed.

Drugs, fireworks, (fire) weapons and dangerous objects such as spray cans and gas bottles.

But also food (we don’t take away a bag of groceries you can bring a bit) , drinks, glassware, water bottles, cans, (folding), selfie sticks, offensive clothing (including motorcycle clothing, full colors, football shirts), umbrellas and parasols.

Very important! Earplugs can be obtained on site. Especially for the ears of the kids this is important, make sure they are not right in front of a speaker! You can also bring your own caps!

Look for the program at the Tribes heading. Each Tribe has its own theme with a unique character. Furthermore Mandala is full of surprises, so: especially head first in, at the festival itself! There will be a program booklet with the complete Mandala program.


Love writing,  shooting pictures, making  a movie? For accreditation: send an email to victor@extrema.nl!

There will be lockers at our festival.

Makes us happy! Take a look at extremacrew.com!


Do you want to join the Mandala photo team? Send an email to info@mandalafestival.com with a link to your portfolio!


This way you stay well informed about everything that is going on around Mandala Festival.



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Ai, our bath! Send an email to info@mandalafestival.com, we answer your question via that road!