A mandala is a blueprint of the infinity of the existence. Our festival is shaped from this ancient wisdom. So: not only do we care for each other, we also care for our surroundings.

We love our festival grounds! Together we can enjoy the beautiful nature, the forest, the lake and the lovely beach. That’s the reason why Mandala is a trash free festival!

What does that mean? Together with you we make sure that our whole festival is trash free. To achieve this we have a circular economy. So: we have a sustainable production, sustainable use of materials and we recycle instead of creating mountains of waste.

– “Okay, how does it work, Mandala?”

– ‘We’ll explain!’

Trash Free

– Our Creators, crew and employees do not leave any waste behind.

– For the smokers we have pocket ashtrays, no cigarette butts on the floor!

-We – visitors, crew, everyone! – drink from hard cups, so no sea of ​​disposable cups.

-Plastic straws are out of the question! Caterers therefore do not serve them.

-The plates and cutlery of our caterers are compostable.

-A wedding is more fun than separating, except when it concerns waste. Yep, we separate our garbage!

-On an average festival, visitors leave behind a lot of camping gear. A quarter of it, even! Our visitors take home – and have done so since the beginning – their tents and camping gear. You will do so too, right?

-All our caterers have at least one vega(n) dish on the menu. In addition, we focus on organic and local caterers!


We obviously use as little energy as possible. Where possible, we use the fixed network instead of aggregates.


We stand for sustainable transport! There are beautiful cycling and walking routes in the area of ​​Wanroij, make use of them!

This is, of course, too far for many visitors. Public transport is a good alternative! Travel to Station Boxmeer. Shuttle buses run between the festival grounds and train station.

Carpool = cool. Carcool! Make use of our Facebook event. Offer rides and ask if someone from Lutjebroek (Rectum, Waspik or any other place) goes to Mandala. Traveling together is much more fun, right?


For the 2017 edition we have won a Greener Festival Award! Of course, we continue to take steps every year. Let’s get one next year!