The beginning of Mandala The beginning of Mandala

Marcel: ‘What have you got there, Julia?’

Julia: ‘A drawing of a festival, dad.’

Marcel: ‘What kind of festival?’

Julia: ‘This is Mandala. A festival for you, me and all lovely people.’

Can you picture it? A conversation between Marcel Mingers – founder of Extrema – and his daughter Julia. At the age of four – during a holiday in Spain – Julia makes a drawing of her own festival. She says the name of the festival is Mandala. Father Marcel is excited right away. The decision is made in a split second. Mandala will be a real festival one day.

With a first edition in 2016 – two years after the drawing – Mandala becomes reality. For the first time, the Creators gather at Holiday Park De Bergen in Wanroij. Beautiful projects arise. With musical highlights by My Baby, Jungle by Night and STUFF., the start of Mandala is one to remember!

In 2017 the festival grows. More Creators, More Tribes. On the line-up: SKIP&DIE, Kuenta i Tambu and Giolì. What’s more? Great food and drinks, theatre, wellness, sports, arts and more.

The third edition in 2018 saw the birth of the Temple For Peace, built by Kiwi Hankins from New-Zealand. Kiwi has built massive art constructions at Burning Man and other festivals worldwide. On the line-up in 2018: De Likt, Wild Romance, Deepend, La Fuente, Komodo and many more. Furthermore: loads of amazing Tribes and Creators. 

And for 2019? Preparations are in full flight! Want to contribute as a Creator? Keep an eye on the website. We’ll tell you more about registrations in no-time! 

NEW DATE: 27/28/29/30/ JUNE 2019